BitGo wallet review: power packed multisignature wallet

As the Bitcoin community grows and the popular digital currency progressively expands its horizons, the question of “Where do I store my bitcoins?” becomes increasingly one of the most important choices for any user. Whether you are just a casual person or a big company dealing with digital money, storing bitcoins in a reliable and easy way is a fundamental necessity indeed.


BitGo is acclaimed as one of the most secure services for storing bitcoin.Read more

Coinomi: multi coin bitcoin wallet overview(27 cryptocurrencies supported!)

Nowadays, mobile devices are increasingly becoming part of our everyday lives. Smart tools and smart applications gradually become ubiquitous, while we barely begin to understand the implications of smart money permeating the ever-growing network of communications. A mobile bitcoin wallet is the easiest way to store bitcoin and transact with BTC. Mobile wallets are undeniably a key element for the expansion of the Bitcoin space.

Coinomi screenshot Coinomi screenshot 2 Coinomi screenshot 3

Coinomi is an exciting project gaining traction in the spectrum of mobile bitcoin wallets. Not only it’s designed to be extremely easy and intuitive to use, but it also offers convenient features such as automatic internal exchange (through Shapeshift), multiple languages, HD mnemonic backups, and the most important of all: support for over 27 different cryptocurrencies.Read more

Mycelium wallet review: the best mobile wallet!

Mycelium is presently one of the most interesting choices within the ever widening spectrum of Bitcoin wallets. Being awarded as the “Best Mobile Bitcoin App” by in 2014, Mycelium wallet offers a considerate set of features for transacting with Bitcoin, in addition to a series of mechanisms for ensuring bank-grade security.


Mycelium company started in 2008 as a mesh networking project, and decided to diversify itself in 2012, leveraging Bitcoin technology in order to build “the next generation for value transfer”, a whole ecosystem of products designed to serve as means for transferring money conveniently and securely at a global scale.Read more

Copay wallet review: cross platform multi signature wallet


In a technological space where competition among the many means for storing bitcoin (a.k.a. wallets) is as tenacious, innovation occurs at a very fast pace. In this regard, Copay is a bitcoin wallet offering a wide array of top features such as the possibility of sharing wallets among groups of users, customizing multiple wallets in the same application and also making use of multi-signature capability, all while featuring a remarkably neat user interface. Furthermore, it’s completely open source.Read more

Trezor: Best way to treasure your bitcoins

In this era of highly advanced internet options, the line of real and virtual is fast blurring. One of the latest gifts of this “virtual reality” is Bitcoin. Simply termed as “Internet Currency”, bitcoin is not an alien word anymore to the netizens. But as the currency needs to be protected in a wallet, Bitcoin too needs a wallet. Such wallets are basically the special devices that are used to make secure Bitcoin transactions. This single purpose device perfectly combines security and ease of use.… Read more

5 more bitcoin wallets you need to know about

In our last article, we talked about the top six rated Bitcoin wallets on the market. However, there are many wallets in the market and some are up and coming gaining more user adoption and popularity as they make their mark in the world of Bitcoin. Below we list five Bitcoin wallets that are trying to make a name for themselves that you need to know about.

Coinomi: Coinomi is a bitcoin wallet made in Italy, specifically for Android mobile devices, where users can store, send, and receive bitcoins.… Read more

6 bitcoin wallets that you should consider using

One of the basic essentials for any bitcoin user is having a bitcoin wallet to secure your bitcoins in. Fortunately, the bitcoin landscape has grown over the past two years to the point where bitcoin users have several bitcoin wallets to choose from to store their bitcoins. But which ones are best?

There may not be a complete “best” bitcoin wallet, but there are some that rise above the rest because of the options they provide their users, their security, and their trust.… Read more

Ubuntu bitcoin offline wallet tutorial

Having a safe Bitcoin wallet is of utmost importance and today, we will be teaching you how to make an extremely safe Ubuntu bitcoin wallet. There might be many options of implementing a safe wallet and here is just one out of the many tutorials we will be coming up with.

In this tutorial we will show you how to make a secure offline savings wallet for storing a majority of your Bitcoins. We suggest you to have two wallets, of which one will be playing the role of a hot wallet which will be used to perform day to day transactions.… Read more

Armory bitcoin offline wallet Tutorial

Armory wallet image

With the Armory bitcoin wallet, you can set up a bitcoin offline wallet. I am going to explain simple steps into setting up an Armory offline bitcoin wallet in this tutorial. You only need to follow these steps to have a successful offline Bitcoin wallet. When first thinking of Bitcoin you may not of realized you need a wallet but you do and follow this Armory wallet tutorial and you will have just that a offline Bitcoin wallet that can help you hold the Bitcoins that you own.… Read more

Hive bitcoin wallet detailed review: : Amazing design!

Hive wallet image

Hive bitcoin Wallet is an amazing wallet and there are a ton of features. Today, we will be covering all of these features. For starters, Hive wallet is available only for Mac OS. To want to use this wallet on a Windows computer is simply not possible so keep this in mind. There is no reason not to go with this amazing wallet service Hive because there are so many features good support and excellent programs to use when using this Bitcoin wallet.… Read more