CoinKite bitcoin wallet review

Coinkite bitcoin wallet reviewToday we will be covering Coinkite, one of the most powerful and feature packed bitcoin wallet. The top notch Bitcoin wallet that has utmost priority for bitcoin funds security. Don’t use just any Bitcoin wallet, but make sure you use Coinkite because of its features and quality.

Security Features Of Coinkite:

Key Access:

One of the security features of Coinkite is the method the funds are secured by transferring in and out of the wallet. There are keys used one is the xpubkey which is used to deposit Bitcoin into the Coinkite wallet. The xprivkey is used to check what pub keys are used on the account you are on. So no matter who you give control to with a xpubkey you will be able to see which keys have access to your Coinkite wallet. They also have a HSM(hardware security module) which is very secure and is designed in such a way that it is indirectly connected to the internet.

Sharing Your Account:

Want other people to have access to the account you have so you never lose a password because more people will know how to get the account? Well, if that is the case you can use the shared account which is Multi-Signature.

Coinkite Doesn’t Send A Password To You If You Lost It:

One thing Coinkite is very strict about is this security feature, Coinkite doesn’t like to give any link that could give access to the funds on your account. Don’t forget the password or make sure you use a good password hint so that you can remember the password based on the hint and you will not run into any problems.

Encrypted Password:

One feature of security of Coinkite is the “scrypt()” that encrypts and salts the password that you have stored with Coinkite. Now that you know the password is encrypted and salted you should feel at ease that no one can get the password to your Bitcoin wallet with Coinkite.

Hosting In Canada:

Coinkite uses web hosting from Canada with DDoS protection so the website will not go down even if there is a DDoS attack on the website. The Coinkite website does not use Amazon or other services related to Amazon Web service at all so no one else has access to the private keys.

Full Reserve Bitcoin Wallet:

You should know that some banks spend the money that you have while it is with them as a part of the business model. But Coinkite Bitcoin wallet does not do this and provides you with all of the funds that you have at any time without any problem.

Real Privacy:

You get real privacy when dealing with Coinkite and a developer API to mess around with. This is very handy for creating merchant solutions from scratch.

CoinKite bitcoin merchant service

Summary Of Security Features:

No matter what you are looking for whether it be an uncrackable wallet for Bitcoin or a place that won’t give out the password that you work so hard to create then you should start using Coinkite right away. This bitcoin wallet service is by far, one of the most advanced services and it will surely prosper and grow into one of the leading bitcoin wallet services.

Other noteworthy features of Coinkite are:

Flex Liquidity With Coinkite:

You may wonder what is Flex Liquidity well it means the more Bitcoin that you have inside of the Coinkite wallet the less time you will have to be waiting to get the transfers completed less confirmations which equals less time.

Defrag Funds To Simplify Audits:

You do not have to do this. The “defrag” will mean you have less UTXO. Fewer UTXO mean less time in the audits that you have. So the option to defrag funds is there to help you speed up the audit processes of Coinkite.

Tor Browser To Access Coinkite:

You can use the anonymous browser Tor to use Coinkite. The browser does not track you at all and allows you to search anonymously. Not many websites have a Tor website up that being said this could be just one more reason to use this service to hold the Bitcoins you own.

Fast Customer Service And Support:

Some online digital currency wallets claim to be there to help you but when you get to email them there is no response. With Coinkite, you will get a response right away when emailing support. Just remember that Coinkite cannot release the password to you through email but can give you a password hint for the Coinkite account that you have.

Fast Transfers From Coinkite:

When going with Coinkite you should know there are many transfers that take a long time (sometimes 40+ minutes) to confirm on other Bitcoin wallets but when choosing Coinkite as the Bitcoin wallet of choice for the needs you have you will be able to get the transfers of Bitcoin in under 30 minutes or less. Check it out and sign up for Coinkite today.

Coinkite Offers A Bitcoin Debit Card:

Most online Bitcoin wallets or other digital currency wallets are nice but very few offer an actual debit card for Bitcoin. This is something Coinkite does and you will be able to get your Bitcoin wallet right away when signing up with a Coinkite account. Just make sure you have a decent amount of Bitcoin in your wallet to make sure you will be able to use the card when shopping around the town or at a local restaurant that accepts Bitcoin.

All in all, whether you are looking for more security or enterprise level merchant services for Bitcoin you are going to get what you would like with this wallet Coinkite and it is completely worth it. Don’t think Coinkite is for you? Well everyone has their own wants and needs but Coinkite is a good wallet that can be used for many difference currencies unlike some single currency based wallets so make sure you realize that when shopping around for the best digital currency wallet.