Hive bitcoin wallet detailed review: : Amazing design!

Hive wallet image

Hive bitcoin Wallet is an amazing wallet and there are a ton of features. Today, we will be covering all of these features. For starters, Hive wallet is available only for Mac OS. To want to use this wallet on a Windows computer is simply not possible so keep this in mind. There is no reason not to go with this amazing wallet service Hive because there are so many features good support and excellent programs to use when using this Bitcoin wallet.

Benefits Of Simplicity:

One of the benefits of the Hive Bitcoin Wallet is the ability to start right away and be able to get the access you would like to the Bitcoin wallet from any device you would be able to think of! This Bitcoin wallet is very user-friendly and is available from any device whether it be an iPad iPhone or Mac computer.

More than Just A Bitcoin Wallet:

Yes, Bitcoins are great but what about the other digital crypto currencies such as Litecoin? Well, with Hive you will be able to store both Bitcoin and Litecoin and other currencies are going to be added very soon. So if you are looking for a wallet to hold all of your Bitcoin and Litecoin then this is the wallet that you should choose because it will help you keep the money digital money that is secure and safe and give you a great ease of access.

Hive The Desktop Version Of The Wallet:

Being able to access your wallet from the computer browser is great but now you can even access the Hive Bitcoin wallet with a Mac computer or an Android or iOS device. There are many ways to access the Hive Bitcoin wallet so take advantage of all ways so you will be able to get access to the coins you want when you want to. No more hassles of being locked out of the Bitcoin or Litecoin Wallet Hive but more freedom to do what you want with the coins that you own and not have to worry about losing these precious resources.

The Hive Team:

The hive wallet is being developed by a group of committed and professional people who will leave no stone unturned.

Mac Friendly Mac Exclusive Wallet:

You should know that this Bitcoin wallet is not for Windows but for Mac users. So if you are a PC user you may as well just find another wallet because there are no plans in the future to support Windows users and they are focusing only on Mac users. So if you have an Android or iOS device you can still use Hive Bitcoin wallet but if all you have is a personal computer then you will not be able to get the Hive wallet to be able to work for you. The reason the Hive Bitcoin Wallet only accepts Mac users is because the program was written specifically for Mac users and that means the company would have to write a whole different program just to have it work for Windows. There are no current plans to make a version for windows remember that if thinking about getting this Bitcoin wallet and not being able to have access to a Mac computer.

Install Java To Have Hive Work Correctly:

One thing you are going to need to do is install the latest version of Java to have Hive Bitcoin wallet work correctly. There are allot of people wondering why the Hive Bitcoin wallet is not opening correctly and the answer from the Hive Bitcoin wallet about this is that there needs to be the proper version of Java installed. So just download Java it is free and you shouldn’t have any problems using the Hive.

Low Transaction Charges With Hive Bitcoin Wallet:

One thing to note is that you will not be able to change the transaction fee when sending Bitcoin but for most transactions the cost is only 100 bits. This is a low fee so no worries it most of the time shouldn’t affect anything you are going to buy to be on the safe side just make sure you have 100 bits extra to send to cover the transaction fees to ensure the person you are buying from actually gives you the product exactly what you are paying for and does not ask you to send more Bitcoin as that will probably cause a charge of another 100 bits.

No Getting Password Back If Lost With Hive:

One thing you should know about Hive is that if you lose your password you are not going to be able to get it back. So make sure you keep a printed document with the password to your Bitcoin wallet so you are never going to lose this information. Put this information in a safe or safe place and you will not have a problem losing your Bitcoin password. Also remember even though there is security around your account you want to make sure not to have the password that you have be an easy password so people can just guess it and get into the Bitcoin Hive account that you have.


Hive doesn’t hide it that it is for Mac users so if you are not a Mac user and don’t have an Android or iOS device then you will not be able to use this wallet. Safe, Secure and ready is what this wallet is in three simple words so keep that in mind when trying this wallet for all you Mac users enjoy a Bitcoin Wallet made specifically for your device. It has a differnet approach to bitcoin wallets as compared to the other wallets, but its worth checking out.