Bitcoin Paper wallet tutorial

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Bitcoin paper wallets have off late become quite a decent solution to store Bitcoins safely. With the rapid expansion of Bitcoin, there is a growing concern for security of bitcoins. Currently there are several different methods to store bitcoins. There are many digital wallet clients, from online wallets like Coinbase,, to mobile bitcoin wallets and paper wallets. All online and digital wallets have internet access while bitcoin paper wallets are the exact opposite.… Read more

CoinKite bitcoin wallet review

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Today we will be covering Coinkite, one of the most powerful and feature packed bitcoin wallet. The top notch Bitcoin wallet that has utmost priority for bitcoin funds security. Don’t use just any Bitcoin wallet, but make sure you use Coinkite because of its features and quality.

Security Features Of Coinkite:

Key Access:

One of the security features of Coinkite is the method the funds are secured by transferring in and out of the wallet.… Read more